A day in the life of Tahlia

Returning Home! 

The longest I’d ever been away from my sport was 4 weeks last year. I tore my quad muscle and spent 4 long and frustrating weeks away from gym. But this time away was completely different. I wasn’t injured. Covid 19 hit Australia hard and fast, and before my mind could even register what was happening, my gym doors closed.  

What followed was a roller coaster of emotions, then a certainty that I could take control of what “I” was doing. Australia was in lock down, but I was far from it. I worked really hard at home, training twice a day plus doing a lot of running. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined not to lose strength. I’m incredibly grateful for all my little gym shop equipment. I had my own home gym and let’s just say that it got the biggest work out!!  

My most used equipment were my Georgia Bonora bars and my Melissa Wu airfloor. Inside or outside, they became part of my iso life! I had to keep vacuuming because I had chalk everywhere, and my neighbours wanted to know what exactly what I was doing in my front yard on my airfloor! It was a very crazy time.  

Returning to the sport I love.

Returning back to gym has been a really amazing experience. I walked in feeling fit and strong and although there were some things that took a few days to come back, my muscle memory hasn’t let me down. I was worried that because I hadn’t vaulted in a few weeks I’d forget how to Tsuk, but it came back to me.  

I’m enjoying my sport more than ever and I feel in control of where I’m heading. It’s just one foot in front of the other in the direction I have set for myself. And that’s a pretty nice feeling!  

Thank you Tania and Mark at Little Gym Shop for turning my house into a gym. And even though Dad’s tripped over my bars and Mums struggled to answer the door because of the Airbeam blocking they entry, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


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