Are the bars easy to set up?

The bars can be fully assembled in approximately 10 minutes. The initial set up requires 4 bolts to be tightened. All tools are included.

All of our equipment is manufactured by Taishan sports, a global leader and FIG partner. The rails are the same used on Olympic equipment. They are very very simple to setup, move and adjust. You simply could not find a better set of uneven bars for home use or for recreational club use.

The bars are not designed to be left outdoors. They can easily be taken outdoors and used under cover. They are easy to move and quick to set up (No tools required). The rails are a timber veneer, the same as found in gymnastics clubs, and need to be protected from rain.

Weight limit on bars is dependent on the skill being performed. Weight range up to approx. 60kgs.

We definitely suggest a safety mat for use with the bars. We do sell a couple of mats that are an ideal fit.


Do you offer Zip pay?

Yes, Zip pay is now available on our site. You will need to already have a zip pay account

Yes, we are located in Dandenong, Melbourne. We have a range of our products on display. The bars can also be tested out by your gymnast. Please arrange a suitable time with Mark on 0417 037 759.