Taishan is a Global leader and professional manufacturer of a wide range of sporting equipment, and The Little Gym Shop have been appointed an official agent of Taishan Sports in Australia.

Taishan Sports has supplied equipment for many international sporting events and created the record of Zero Fault, Zero Breakdown and Zero Complaint.

Taishan owns the only “National  Sports Engineering Technology Research Centre” in China. Taishan products are superior quality, made using the most advanced technology, engineered by an extensive highly qualified scientific research team working alongside creditable sporting research and development institutions. All products are extensively tested for quality and safety assurance.

Taishan is one of the official suppliers to the Olympics across a broad range of sports and one of few companies to produce international FIG certified gymnastics equipment.

Little Gym Shop have chosen Taishan to supply their Gymnastics and Soft Play equipment as a result of their successful international reputation and their exceptional quality and standards supported by cutting-edge research and technology.

FIG Approved

FIG is the International Federation of Gymnastics; the international governing body of gymnastics.

Little Gym Shop has a range of FIG approved equipment which means the equipment has been certified to meet an international competition standard, therefore it is able to be used for international events. The process for FIG Certification is two part, firstly equipment needs to meet the FIG Apparatus Norms, secondly it needs to be independently tested and approved by the International Federation of Gymnastics. This process ensures there are equivalent apparatus at all competitions World Wide to ensure competition fairness.

Gymnasts who train on a FIG Approved apparatus know they can compete at State, National and International events on comparable equipment.

Our Club Competition equipment is often very similar in quality and specifications with FIG approved equipment. To read the specific criteria for FIG certification of each apparatus please click the following link: FIG Apparatus Norms.