At Little Gym Shop, we’re incredibly lucky to partner with some wonderful young gymnasts and their families. We love following their journey into the world of gymnastics, seeing them build their skills using Little Gym Shop equipment and develop a love for the sport that will last a lifetime.

Gracie and Charli

As parents we work extremely hard to raise happy, healthy children who love being active!

We feel very fortunate to introduce them to gymnastics and the many positive attributes this provides for life. As Little Gym Shop has grown, so too have the number of gymnastics products entering our home – these ‘new toys’ are extremely popular on play dates!


Gracie is 12 years old, attends dancing, Little Athletics, and a 2 hour recreational gymnastics weekly. She loves spending endless hours at home on the uneven bars and in endless gymnastics outfits. Her confidence and core strength have definitely improved over the last year.

Charli is 8 years old and attends dancing, little Athletics and swimming lessons. Don’t let her size trick you, she is cheeky, determined and currently working hard on her cartwheels!

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Tahlia is 15 years old and competing Level 9 at Splitz Gymnastics. Gymnastics builds strength, skills and confidence, but it also requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

Tahlia ‘s goals for 2022 are to gain strength after major injuries from last year and continue to learn new skills. She also wants to do Tsuk vault in layout

And when it comes to having a great attitude, it’s not a given – it comes from within. Tahlia is a kind girl and a fantastic role model for young gymnasts.

We are extremely proud to have Tahlia on the Little Gym Shop team now for the 4th year. We hope you love watching her gymnastics progress as well as seeing the smile on her face!

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Our Ambassador Niamh joined our team January 2020 and really has all the qualities to be a star. Niamh is 10 years old and currently training level 4 Gymstar. Niamhs favourite apparatus is Bars and is very lucky to have our Georgia Bonora LGS Uneven Bars for home training.

Niamh has the great attributes of being both extremely determined and self driven. A great addition to our team.

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Please welcome our very first MAG Jeremy and his a standout

Jeremy is 12 years old training Level 5 at Ballarat Gymsports



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Every gymnast should train like Maya.

Maya is 11 years old training at Level 8/9 at Ballarat Gymsports. Maya is very self driven, sets goals and commits to her training



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Follow Maya on Instagram at @mayaelizabethgymnast.


Maddie is a 9 year old gymnast now following her love of dance. This year Maddie trains at Vibe Studios, part of a Rising stars competitive dance troupe. .

Currently level 2 jazz, contempory, lyrical, acro and ballet. She also finds time for Pom and Cheer. dancer who also loves acrobatic skills

Maddie has big goals for 2022 including RO BHS, side and front aerial on floor, pirouettes and turns. Future dreams include becoming an actress, dance in music videos, musicals and become an amazing dancer.

We love seeing Maddie train at home. Always with a smile and practicing her skills to perfection.

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Follow Maddie on Instagram at @luce_caitlyn_madz.


Tilly is 12 years old and competing WAG Level 5 at Knox Gymnastics.

Tilly’s goals for 2022 are to continue improving her technique, especially on bars with her cast to handstand and continue to work on reslience.

Tilly’s dream is to achieve WAG Level 10 and represent Victoria in the future.

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Follow Tilly on Instagram at @tillyrose_gymnast.


Heidi is another of our amazing gymnasts now adding diving to her list of talents. In 2022 Heidi is part of the National talent program for Diving Australia and Queensland Academy of Sports

In gymanstics Heidi will compete Level 6 this year.

Goals for 2022 is to rock diving and focus on her backwards entries.

Heidi is dreaming big to represent Australia so be sure to follow her journey.

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Sunny is our 9 year old pocket rocket from WA. This year Sunny is competing NL5, training 16 hours a week at Perth Gymnastics Academy.

For fun Sunny also does a bit of aerial circus and ninja. She also does a ballet strength and conditioning class weekly to support her gymnastics

Sunny is always training extra hard at home on our LGS Uneven Bars


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Ruby – LGS Foundation Ambassador

Ruby was the winner of our 1st Instagram competition back in March 2017. In contacting her dedicated mum Brooke, we discovered they were traveling a 3 hour return trip weekly to attend Levels training!

It was a very easy decision to select Ruby.She is driven, passionate and definitely a star in the making!

In her mind she is going to the Olympics. But it’s not just a statement – she is willing to do all the hard work! She is already a winner in our eyes
because of her attitude. The only thing thats changed is her chosen sport.

We have loved watching Rubes journey from Gymnastics to diving. Ruby is well on her way to make a dream become reality. We are proud to have her on our team and follow her journey .

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Follow Ruby on Instagram at @gymnast_rubykate.

Indi And Piper practicing on uneven bars in home gym
Indi And Piper practicing on uneven bars in home gym

Indi and Piper – LGS Foundation Ambassadors

Indi and Piper are sisters from the sunny state of Queensland!

We welcomed this wonderful pair in September 2017. A couple of months prior we had spoken to their parents Andrew and Melissa about purchasing a set of uneven bars, and we are so happy they trusted our advice!

Indi is a 12 year old, Level 5 gymnast. She recently qualified for Queensland States, and we think she adds style and grace to gymnastics. Piper is 9 years of age, training at Level 3. She is all personality, with an amazing ability to focus when it counts!

We love watching these girls train in the sunshine with their many friends who join in the fun.

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Emma – LGS Foundation Ambassador

Emma is a 14 old Sydney gymnast currently training in a senior development squad. Emma was a recent winner from our Ambassador Search. Although Emma has only been doing gymnasts for two years, her passion and determination is second to none. Emma is extremely talented, committed to her training and has one of the best attitudes going around for a young person.

We are beyond excited to be involved in Emma’s journey!

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Follow Emily on Instagram at @_emma__gymnast_.

Tahlia R – LGS Foundation Ambassador

Introducing the newest member of our team, Tahlia Ruth! Tahlia is a Queensland gymnast training at Level 6. Tahlia is a recent #lgsstar who has impressed us with her skills, And she is doing us proud as one of our newest Ambassadors. She is extremely dedicated to her home training and boy, she makes it look easy and so effortless.

Like every gymnast, Tahlia also loves the activewear side of gymnastics so we have trusted her to choose a Foxy’s Leotard design to add to our collection every month. With the perfect title ‘Tahlia’s Choice’. So if you see the tag #tahliaschoice you know its a winner!

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Follow Tahlia on Instagram at gymnast_tahlia.ruth.

Sam – LGS Foundation Ambassador

Sam is a 15 year old Junior International Level gymnast training in the elite program at Gymnastics Queensland High Performance Centre. She competes representing Delta Gymnastics.

Sam is talented, committed and always with a big smile on her face.She trains 30 hours a week before, during and after school. In 2019 Sam moved fromNSW to QLD, changed gyms, upgraded from level 9 to Junior International and started high school. On top of all these changes, she was a Silver Medallist at the QLD Senior State Championships and amazingly is also a straight A student.

Sam named her favourite appatarus as Floor but Beam is her speciality. We are excited to see where her gymnastics journey takes her and are committed to help her reach her goals.

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Follow Sam on Instagram at @samruby_gymnast.

Amelie – LGS Foundation Ambassador

Amelie is an 11 year old gymnast training at Level 7 in a NSW Club. Her gymnastics journey began at just age 3 when she started a Kindy Gym program.

Amelie is hardworking, committed and training over 20 hours per week.

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Follow Amelie on Instagram at @ameliegrace_gymnast.