My Gymnastics Journey

Hello, my name is Niamh and I am 8 years old. I started Gymanstics in Grade 1. Prior to this I had begged my Mum to let me start Gymnastics for years, since I was at Kinder but she was reluctant to let me start because once upon a time she did gymnastics and she remembers it being very competitive with tough coaches and she didn’t think it was the right environment for me. She also broke her wrist on the vault because she is super competitive and always determined to get to her goals and was scared something similar would happen to me. My Dad is also competitive and plays soccer so I definitely get my drive from my parents. This can cause arguments in our house when I’m tired and still training over and over and over to reach my reps or daily goals when I’m being told to go to bed and I’m still trying to squeeze in a few more handstands, push ups, Hip circles and I often cartwheel my way to bed!

Well, Mum eventually gave in and let my start at a small local community gym. I loved it and could not wait for my class each week. I started at level 1 but within weeks had moved to level 2. Mum is my number one fan, she is always cheering me on, she will spend hours watching me, driving me to classes and even spends plenty of time at home trying to help me get my next skill. All my coaches are lovely and although Gymnastics is a competitive sport I’m definitely not in the competitive environment Mum was so worried about. Everybody is so supportive, my parents, my coaches, my team mates, my family, my friends, Mark & Tania, my lgstribe, even the gymnast community on Instagram is amazing, positive and encouraging.

I was super nervous about attending my first competition, I nearly didn’t go! It was a great experience and taught me just how hard I had worked and I was very proud. I received 1st place for Vault and Floor, 2nd for Beam, 3rd for Bars and was 4th overall in levels 1-3. I also received the Judges Award for a beautiful Passe hold on the Beam. This was a big day for me because I also went to the junior Nippers presentation straight after my competition where I received the Outstanding Junior Member award for Under 7’s – Under 9’s.

9 months in to my first year of Gymnastics it was time for the Gymnastics concert at the local Art Centre. I was so excited and so scared at the same time. I throughly enjoyed it, I made Mum cry (happy tears) and I received the Clubs most improved award and I was thrilled. I was expecting to go back to weekly classes after the concert but my club unexpectedly closed. They promised to reopen in the new year but that didn’t happen, I was heart broken and cried and cried. But the news that a new established club would take over this community venue, made me very excited and Mum signed me up. It took a while for it to open and I haven’t looked back since joining my new club, in fact I now travel to their other venue to do more hours. My club goal is to be picked for squad.

In January 2020 I was asked to be a Little Gym Shop Ambassador, I was so shocked and surprised I could hardly speak I just had a big grin stuck on my face. I am so very honoured to have been asked and I was excited to take on this new role. I take this role very seriously and I love being part of the LGS Team.

Outside of my gymnastics life, I play the guitar and during the summer I’m down at the local Life Saving Club participating in Nippers. I love camping at the Murray and wake boarding. I’m also a big sister to Noah and live with my Mum and Dad and I’m originally from the UK. We moved here when I was 1 so I don’t really remember England but I do miss all my family.

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