LGS Games 2020

Thank you for particapating in the LGS Games. What an amazing 5 weeks it has been 😊  

Thank you to everyone who participated in the LGS Games and helped to make this event such a great success. It has been amazing to see the strength, elegance, creativity and talent from athletes all around Australia.


Every week it was so very hard to create a short list for our judges. And likewise our judges, Melissa Wu and Peggy Liddick, were left with the difficult task of judging so many outstanding entries. Thank you to both Mel and Peggy for giving your time and expertise each Sunday.

We are very grateful to our outstanding team of Ambassadors for their continued loyalty and commitment. During the Games they had the role of ‘spotters’ leaving medals. They took it further by adding endless positive comments and encouraging words on so many posts. I hope their comments helped to encourage you to continue training at home. Be sure to continue to follow their journey as they are both outstanding athletes and role models.

The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations!

It’s been a challenging couple of months, but now it’s time to be excited as Clubs begin to reopen. Enjoy returning to your Clubs, being back with your gym friends and coaches. Continue to train hard and keep checking in to the member zone!The LGS Tribe has plenty more to come.


Cheers for now, Tania 😍  

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