A day in the life of Tahlia

Every negative has a positive! 

It seemed to me that in a few days my whole life was turned upside down. I thought COVID 19 was like the flu, and just like influenza would pass quickly and only a few people would be affected. I had no idea how bad it really was, or what the affect would be on Australia.  

I went from training 5 days a week and going to school, only to be told that my gym would be closing. Suddenly Mum took my brother and myself out of school and I was left wondering what was going on?  

What upset me the most at this stage was the closure of my gym. I’ve been a gymnast since I started prep at school and I’ve had a training routine for so long. I was left with a train at home program and told that nobody knew when my gym would open. I felt really worried. The most I’ve ever been away from gym was 4 weeks when I was 8 years old!! How could I do this when so much was unknown? I took a few days to process the situation. I had to understand what this virus was and why the whole country was shutting down. Why we were being asked to practice social distance and washing our hands regularly, and why our prime minister had to make this decision. Once I had this understanding, it made my next move a lot easier.  

“You have within you right now everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you”.

That was my motto and I had a new outlook on life. I couldn’t control anything else than my own response and actions. I had worked too hard so I needed to take control of what I could control. So I wrote this motto on my whiteboard and set up my goals for each day. Laura from Splitz gym set up an online training program so I used this along with some additions. I broke up my days into three parts and I made sure that I woke up early to start.  

My home training gym is set up thanks to Little Gym Shop. I have my air beam, air block, air barrel, air floor and uneven bars. The set up makes me feel a little bit like I’m at gym and the equipment makes my training easier.  

I’ve been working really hard – training while also doing lots of cardio. I’ve also found that FaceTiming my strength buddy from gym has made the afternoon session better. We push each other and having someone familiar has made it good for both of us.  

My thoughts are with all Australians. I want this to end so badly. I want to be able to get back to living like we used to. But I think my attitude has changed a lot. I value things more, I care more and I appreciate the little things. Time away from gym has taught me to slow down and to step outside of my bubble.  

I’m enjoying spending time with my family. I no longer eat dinner in the car or arrive home after my brother has already gone to bed. I get to play board games with my family and chase my dog Dash around the yard.  

My goals haven’t changed one bit. When John (my coach and gym owner) opens the doors I will be ready. But I think I’ll also be a better version of myself. I think I’ll be stronger, I won’t hold back or doubt myself and I’ll value the moments more.  

Stay safe and healthy. This will all pass soon but make sure you learn something from it. It will be a great feeling to know that we as a country united together to overcome this. Thanks for reading. Tahlia  

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