My Gymnastics journey – LGS Games 2020

The #lgsgames2020 were absolutely amazing. I loved watching all the entries and all the positivity this event created online. I love being a Little Gym Shop Ambassador and I was honoured to an Ambassador Medal Spotter. Everyday I couldn’t wait to watch all the entries on Instagram and comment how good they all were (with Mum’s help) and hand out the spotter medals.

It was great seeing all ages enter including the boys. There were some super creative entries, totally awesome entries and I’m sure entries from future Olympian’s too. Everyone did such a fantastic job and all the competitors were so encouraging to each other.

LGS Games 2020

It was really lovely to be a part of such a great event during such a difficult time of isolation and home schooling. I was really chuffed to receive the LGS medal for all my hard work.

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