Musical Play Mat

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The Musical play mat is ideal for all young children, kindergartens, play centres and Kinder gyms.

a fun way to teach hand eye coordination and the love of music


The chargeable Sound Pen plays music and speaks out when touching different areas of the play mat.

Enable your child to learn faster and improve his hand-eye coordination by giving them interesting things to look at.

In the beginning, your baby focuses mostly on things that are close to him, but he will soon become better at following a moving object.

It won’t be long before just looking at something isn’t enough for your baby. He will try to do something about it and take a swipe at it!

Reaching out and touching things gives your baby a sense of control over his body.

A variety of objects that do different things when your baby swings them will be a voyage of discovery for him. They’ll help your little one realise that he can have an effect on the world.

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