Christmas Wish list 🎄

Dear Santa I would like an Air Track for Christmas. The Gold one signed by Melissa Wu the diver. From Piper

Isn’t it amazing, that in the world of sport the young ones have elite athletes to aspire too. There little eyes light up when one of the elite athletes likes their Instagram post or comments.

I know both my girls do. There love and excitement for elite athletes started when at a workshop at the QLD High Performance Centre one of my girls got her photo with Georgia Godwin. We treasured that photo and 5 years on we still have it placed fondly in her bedroom.

They now have multiple photos with other elite athletes including Georgia Rose Brown, Georgia Bonora and we are waiting to meet Melissa Wu in person. (We are so excited for that to happen one day)

I still remember the day my girls started an Instagram account. They went hunting for their favourite athletes. Screaming so excitedly and showing off their cartwheels every time they found another athletes profile.

“Mum Georgia Rose Brown, Georgia Godwin, Melissa Wu, Georgia Bonora. They all have accounts. Can we follow them please?’

I said “of course however I am not sure if they will follow you back or respond to your comments”

But looking back of course they all returned the love. Because each one of these athletes has the most beautiful nature and their kindness to young athletes is admired by all us parents.

Sport is wonderful and it brings so many together. My girls both adore these female athletes and It’s not just because they all went to the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics. It’s because they are all humble, they are the biggest fans of all the younger ones following their paths. They take time out of their busy lives and share a “well done” or a “high five” when they see the young ones achieving.

I am so thankful the Lgstribe has Melissa Wu and Georgia Bonora leading the tribe. My youngest tried diving last week and told the coaches her and Melissa Wu were good friends. That’s exactly how piper feels with all of these athletes and being part of this tribe.

People say social media for kids is crazy. I disagree, my girls have all these amazing role models to look up too. It doesn’t matter if it’s Diving or Gymnastics. These elite Athletes are amazing influencers to hundreds and hundreds of young ones. (They as females sportswomen just don’t get paid enough)

If only the world of sport paid more money to females. But that’s another conversation. I will finish letting you know that my little gymnast wish of a Melissa Wu Gold Air track arrived for Christmas. I wonder if she will want a diving board next Christmas?

Happy 2020 to you all x

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