Training Survival Kit

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The perfect kit for any young gymnast jumping back into their training for 2018! Includes the fabulous My Training Journal from GMD Activewear and a 14g (0.5oz) Giddy Joint and Tendon Balm, with a 14g (0.5oz) Giddy Cedar Mint Hand Balm thrown in for free!

GIDDY Joint & Tendon Balm (14g/0.5oz)

Made specifically for massaging into tender areas that are experiencing pain, stiffness or tenderness from joint or tendon issues.

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GIDDY Hand Balm – Cedar Mint

A great skin care routine for strong tough skin! GIDDY All Natural Hard Lotion, Balm & Salve is designed to heal and protect your skin without any added softeners - keeping your skin, TOUGH!

14g (0.5oz)

My Training Journal 2.0

GMD Activewear's newest training journal and diary. Beautifully designed, bright and has a hard cover. It is ideal for a gymnast to keep a record of their goals and achievements. Train Hard or Go Home!

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